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      Yantai Yuanhua Steel Pipe CO., Ltd., a subsidiary company of Yantai Donghai Steel Tube Co., Ltd., is a key manufacture specializing in hot-rolling seamless steel pipes. It is located in the scenic coastal city-Yantai with very convenient transportation. Our company can produce more than 300,000 tons finished products covering the specs of 76-530 mm diameters by a set of 170 automatic, 140 Accu-Roll hot-rolling seamless mill facilities and two sets of hot-expanding production line. Our products pass the quality authentication and sell well in domestic and overseas markets. Our company has an experienced team including more than one hundred engineers and technicians. We strictly follow the ISO 9001 Quality Control System from raw material, produce procedure, product development, even to each marketing sectors. Our products can be served for construction, liquid transportation, low middle and high pressure boiler, oil well...

      Add: No. 37 Shijiazhuang Rd. ETDZ Yantai China
      Tel: 0086 535 6977277
      Fax: 0086 535 6977298
      Mobile: 0086 13791156267
      Web: www.aionei.com
      Email: yuanhua@yuanhuagg.com

      Seamless Steel Pipe 
      Seamless steel tube has a hollow section, a large number of which are used for conveying fluid, such as crude oil, natural gas, coal gas, water and some solid materials, etc. Compared with solid round steel, when the torsional strength is same, the weight of the seamless steel pipe is relatively light, so it is a kind of economical steel, which is widely used in manufacture oil tubular goods and mechanical parts. The use of seamless steel tube can improve the utilization of materials, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing time.

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